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Program Objective

This annual Marathon Clinic Program aims to provide participants a comprehensive training guidelines and principles for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2020.

Program Characteristics

  • Provision of introductory class, pre-training comprehensive physical fitness assessment, train-together-sessions, and injury prevention workshop, including selection of running shoes, theory and practice of sports taping (Kinesio Tex Tape) in common running related lower limbs injuries;

  • A tailor-made training program designed by the instructor for individual participants based on their fitness levels and running experiences (the training program is a mobile app with an online training log system which requires participants to submit their training schedule by logging onto the system). Progress of the participants and regular timely advice will be monitored and provided by the instructor respectively.)

  • A test run will be provided to all participants before Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2020:
    • Hong Kong 10km Challenge (for 10km class);
    • Island Hong Kong Challenge (for Half Marathon class);
    • Hong Kong Half Marathon Championships (for Marathon class)
  • Setup of water station allowing participants to experience fluid replenishment during long-run session;
  • Giving away souvenir T-shirt to each participant. Representative of “Marathon Clinic Team” will also get a souvenir vest;
  • Provision of e-certificate to the participants with 100% attendance rate (test run attendance included, if applicable);
  • Opportunities to represent “Marathon clinic Team” to participate in Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2020#

#The aim of the Marathon Clinic is to promote running in the community through regular and progression training, starting from running a 10km race to marathon. To encourage participants to achieve the goal, participants with an overall attendance rate of not less than 70%, and have fulfilled one of the following criteria, will be nominated to represent “Marathon Clinic Team” to take part in Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2020:
(1)   Participants who are a first-time participant of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 10km race; or
(2)   Participants who progress from Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019 10km race to Half Marathon race in 2020; or
(3)   Participants who progress from Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019 Half Marathon race to Marathon race in 2020; or
(4)   Participants who were not able to complete the 10km, Half Marathon or Marathon race within specific time limit in Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019 and would like to have another attempt in 2020.

Remarks: Participant must register the race in Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2020 which is the same distance as the Marathon Clinic class he/she has attended (e.g. 10km-class participant can only participate in the 10km race).

After verification, registration and payment method will be sent to the participants by email in mid-September. For those who are not able to meet the attendance rate, the enrollment in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2020 will automatically be withdrawn while the fee would be refunded.

Entry Fee and Course Quota

  1. 10km Class(course outline) for HK$790* – 100pax (Entry fee of Hong Kong 10km Challenge, the test run, included) [FULL]
  2. Half Marathon Class (course outline) for HK$790* – 150pax (Entry fee of Island Hong Kong 10km Race, the test run, included) [FULL]
  3. Marathon Class(course outline) for HK$890* – 150pax (Entry fee of Hong Kong Half Marathon Challenge, the test run, included) [FULL]

*Entry fee of Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2020 excluded


Dr. Simon Yeung, Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association Registered Coach



Age Limit

10km & Half Marathon Classes- aged 16 or above
Marathon Class- aged 20 or above

Enrollment Date

7 August 2019 (Wednesday) to 29 August 2019 (Thursday)

Enrollment Method

Click here to register online. The registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Dress code

Comfortable sportswear

Important Notice

  • Severe weather arrangement– if Red/Black Rainstorm or Typhoon Signal No.8 is hoisted at 6:00am (for Morning Session), 11:00am (for Afternoon Session) or 2:00pm (for Evening Session), the clinic on the day will be cancelled. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  • Please allow sufficient time to do registration and get changed.
  • Please bring along your student card for registration purpose and arrive 10 minutes prior to start of the session.
  • Public Liability insurance is covered by the Organiser. Participants are expected to take up their own personal or other insurance policies separately, if necessary.


Marathon Registration and Customer Service Office
(852) 2577 0800
General Inquiry : [email protected]
Registration and participant’s
Information entry : [email protected]

Ogilvy Public Relations (Media enquiries)

(852) 2136 6185
[email protected]

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