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Marathon Clinic

Know more about marathon training

How will you define the word “Running”? You can run aimlessly and happily to build a healthy lifestyle. Or you can also train your running with set a goal and disciplined training program, then you will improve and break through your limit.

In this Marathon Clinic 2022, there are two classes which is “Beginner” and “Advanced” course. We will help the students to explain and understand some misinterpretations on distance running through theory and practical classes.

  1. People said distance running is good for physical and mental health. So how should we run to achieve?
  2. How to achieve all in joy in running? Do you know the coordination of breathing pattern and cadence?
  3. Is there any difference between warm-up and cool-down stretching?
  4. What is the best running posture? Do you think good running posture can help to prevent injury and improve running efficiency?
  5. Do you know the basic distance running training method?

You can get all the answer throughout the theoretical and practical lessons in the “Beginner” class.

  1. Do you still remember the idea of dynamics drills before practice? How about the basic running posture?
  2. Is everyone doing the right form in muscle and core strength training and rebound jump?
  3. What is the requirement for marathon? Long Steady Distance, Progressive Run, Tempo Run, Interval Run and Tempo & Interval Run, which is the most simulate method for Marathon needs?
  4. Is lactic acid the index of muscle pain? Do you know what is the real purpose of lactate?
  5. Everyone talks about critical power or power. What exactly is it? How does critical power or power affect us in training and pacing arrangement?

For the “Advanced” course, it is tailored for runners who have trained and experienced in running races. We will go through the details in the theoretical and practical lessons as well.

Entry Fee and Quota

Beginner Course – HK$450 (100 quota, First come first served)

Advance Course – HK$800 (200 quota, First come first served)

*The course fee does not include entry fee of Trial Race and the Hong Kong Marathon


Dr. Simon Yeung, Hong Kong Association of Athletics Affiliates Registered Coach



Age Limit

Aged 16 or above

Enrollment Date

Closed entry

Enrollment Method

Online registration in HKAAA website https://hkaaa.com/en/train_details.php?id=7

Dress code

Comfortable sportswear for practical lesson

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