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Important Notice

  1. Registration dates of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2020 are as follow.
     Registration Start DateRegistration Close Date
    Priority Entry28 August 2019 (Wed), from 10am5 September 2019 (Thu), by 11:59pm
    Public Entry and Disability Entry (Ballot)
    Wheelchair Races (First-come, First-served)
    18 September 2019 (Wed), from 10am6 October 2019 (Sun), by 11:59pm
    Youth Dash & Kickoff Family Run (First-come, First-served)26 September 2019 (Thu), from 10am30 November 2019 (Sat), by 11:59pm
    The Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association Limited (“the Organiser”) reserves the right to close entries before the deadline without notice.
  2. “Disability Entry” (“the Entry”) is introduced for the first time (with 500 reserved quotas ). Applicants can register for Marathon, Half Marathon or 10km race (same route courses as those for the Public Ballot Entry). Race category and start time will be assigned by the Organiser. The quotas are separately handled from the Public Ballot Entry.
  3. Entry of Wheelchair Races, Youth Dash, and Kickoff Family Run are on first-come, first-served basis. The Organiser reserves the right to close entries before the deadline without notice once the race quota is full.
  4. An applicant can only submit one application for the races to be held on the same day. For example, a Kickoff Family Run participant is allowed to apply for 10km race, but is not allowed to register for another time slot of Kickoff Family Run. In case of violation, duplicate applications or registrations will be rejected or cancelled by the Organiser without prior notice. No entry fee will be refunded.
  5. Participants who wish to amend their personal information, may log onto the Runner Dashboard via the event website by 6 October 2019. In case of further enquiries, please contact Marathon Registration and Runners’ Communication Office at 2577 0800, or by e-mail at [email protected]
  6. Participants are advised to solicit medical advice from medical practitioners prior to registering for and taking part in the race. Participants should have adequate preparation to ensure that they are physically fit to compete in and complete the race category they have entered.  Participants may also make reference to the Training Tips on the Marathon website and the official Facebook page. By submitting his/her application and subsequently taking part in the race, a Participant:
    • warrants and confirms to the Organiser that he/she is physically fit to take part in and complete the race without any medical or other assistance; and
    • agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Organiser from i) any injury or death suffered by the Participant himself/herself or any other persons; and ii) any damage to property as a result of him/her not being physically fit to take part in and complete the race.
  7. Public Liability Insurance is covered by the Organiser. Participants are advised to take up their own personal or other insurance policies separately, if necessary.
  1.  “Runner’s Pack Collection Letter” will be sent to all successful applicants via email, starting from early-January 2020. Applicants can also login to the Runner Dashboard via the event website to download the Collection Letter. The Collection Letter indicates the runner’s name, category, and bib number, along with a QR-code for identification and redemption purpose.
  2. In case participants are unable to download their Runner’s Pack Collection Letter by 13 January 2020, please contact Marathon Registration and Runners’ Communication Office at 2577 0800 immediately.
  3. Participants MUST collect their bib and timing chip at the designated dates, times, and location as listed below (in person or via an authorised person) by presenting the Runner’s Pack Collection Letter with the unique QR-code.
    Marathon Carnival and Runner's Pack Collection (for both local and overseas participants)
    Date5- 8 February 2020 (Wed - Sat)
    Time5-7 February 2020 (Wed to Fri) 3pm-9pm

    8 February 2020 (Sat) 9am-3pm
    LocationThe Central Lawn, Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  4. In order to avoid congestion and to ensure a smooth distribution, participants are strongly advised to collect their runner’s packs according to the specified date and time as indicated in the “Runner’s Pack Collection Email”.
  5. No bibs, timing chips and souvenirs will be distributed on race day.
  1. As the race will start early in the morning (not applicable to Kickoff Family Run), participants are advised to minimise the noise impact on nearby residents.
  2. Race officials will be deployed along the route for safety and other reasons. Participants must follow instructions given by the race officials during the race.
  3. Participants are strongly advised not to stop and take photos or videos near the starting arch, along the course, and at the finish area, for the sake of safety.
  4. Wearing a race helmet is compulsory for all wheelchair race participants. Participants must also take into consideration the safety of other participants on the course.
  5. To facilitate the reopening of closed road at designated times, checkpoints will be set up at different locations along the course. Participants who fail to reach the designated checkpoints at specific times will be asked by race officials to leave the course and board the official bus to Victoria Park. Such participants must follow such request from the race officials. The Organiser reserves the right to reject applications of participants who refuse to follow the instructions of race officials for all future Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathons or races organised by the Organiser.
  6. To ensure emergency vehicles can reach the site without delay in the event of an incident, participants are reminded not to enter the Emergency Vehicle Access (EVA) during the race. Please follow instructions given by the race officials.
  7. To avoid overcrowding and accidents at the Finish Area, participants are required to leave the Area as soon as possible.
  8. Spectators and general public are welcome to enter the public viewing area at Victoria Park (Finish Area of Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km, Wheelchair races and Youth Dash) through Gate 4. Gates 14,15, 16 and 17 will not be available for public access during the race.
  9. Participants of Kickoff Family Run may attend the Marathon Carnival (open from 9:30am on 8 February) at the Central Lawn in the Victoria Park, after the race.

Marathon Registration and Customer Service Office
(852) 2577 0800
General Inquiry : [email protected]
Registration and participant’s
Information entry : [email protected]

Ogilvy Public Relations (Media enquiries)

(852) 2136 6185
[email protected]

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