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RaceMarathonHalf Marathon
HKD 450HKD 400HKD 360
USD 70
USD 65USD 60
Registration Date2 September 2021 (10:00am) – 6 September 2021 (7:00pm)
Race Day24 October 2021 (Sunday)
Start Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, KowloonWestern Harbour Crossing Toll Plaza (Kowloon side)
Time limit
(Full course)

6 hoursHalf Marathon Elite2.5 hours2 hours
Half Marathon Run 1, 2, & 33 hours
Start time
Marathon Elite
-Master 1
-Master 2
6:00amHalf Marathon Elite
-Master 1
-Master 2
5:45am10km Elite
-Master 1
-Master 2
Marathon Run 16:20am - 6:35amHalf Marathon Run 17:50am - 8:05am10km Run 18:40am - 8:55am
10km Run 29:00am - 9:20am
Marathon Run 26:45am - 7:00amHalf Marathon Run 28:10am - 8:25am10km Run 39:25am - 9:45am
Half Marathon Run 38:30am - 8:45am10km Run 49:50am - 10:10am
FinishVictoria Park, Hong Kong
PrizeOnly participants of Marathon Elite, Half Marathon Elite and 10km Elite are entitled to compete for the awards / prize money.


^Junior (born in 2002 – 2005) / Senior (born in 1987 – 2001) / Master 1 (born in 1977 – 1986) / Master 2 (born in 1976 or before)


  1. Public entry and Guaranteed Entry are on ballot basis while Disability Entry is on first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Registrations of Elite Entry will only be confirmed after relevant results are verified by the Hong Kong Association of Athletics Affiliates (“The Organiser”).
  3. The Organiser reserves the right to close entry before the deadline without prior notice

Entry Requirements

  1. Marathon participants must be 20 years old or above as of 2021 (Count by Year of Birth).
  2. Applicants MUST have successfully completed at least one race (10km or longer distance) in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon or any local / overseas races in the past 3 years. Applicants are also required to provide factually the Finishing Time of any races participated in the past 3 years.s
  3. Estimated Finishing Time shall be submitted upon registration, which will be taken into consideration when the Organiser allocates the race category and start time to participants.
  1. Half Marathon and 10km participants must be 16 years old or above as of 2021(Count by Year of Birth).
  2. Applicants are required to honestly provide their estimated finishing time, which will be taken into consideration when the Organiser allocates the race category and start time to participants.
  1. Applicants must submit a valid Registration Card for People with Disabilities issued by HKSAR Government at the time of submitting their application. Both sides of the document must be presented for verification. An applicant failing to do so before the registration deadline will be considered as forfeiting the submission and the application will be withdrawn without further notice.
  2. Participants of this Entry must be able to participate without use of any external auxiliary equipment in the race, except for prosthetic limb(s).

Finisher Medal & Certificates

E-Certificate of Achievements, Progress Award, E-Certificate of Participation and Finisher Medal will be issued to runners who finish difference races within the designated time-limit. Details are as follows:

Race CategoryE-Certificate of AchievementsProgress AwardFinisher Medal
MarathonYes (if finish within the designated time limit)Yes (if finish with a faster Net Time comparing with the same race completed in Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019)Yes (if finish within the designated time limit)
Half Marathon

Marathon Registration and Customer Service Office
(852) 2577 0800
General Inquiry : [email protected]
Registration and participant’s
Information entry : [email protected]

Ogilvy Public Relations (Media enquiries)

(852) 2136 6185
[email protected]

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