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Marathon Charity Programme


In collaboration with the Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“Standard Chartered Hong Kong”), the Hong Kong, China Association of Athletics Affiliates Limited (the “HKAAA”) is introducing the Marathon Charity Programme (the “Programme”) of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (“SCHKM”) to provide local charitable organisations the opportunity to raise funds for their services and programmes.

Adopting a pilot scheme in the Programme of SCHKM2024, the HKAAA is now inviting charitable organisations with serving arms in one of the three categories, namely “Children & Youth”, “Rehabilitation & Health Care” and “Diversity & Inclusion”, to join our Programme.

Under the Programme, selected charitable organisations can apply for Charity Race Quota which will provide a platform for them to fundraise for their services and programmes to support those in need.


  • To support charitable organisations to promote their public profile and awareness to the running community
  • To provide a platform for fundraising purpose
  • To provide a channel for the running community to make donations to charitable organisations with good causes
  • To enhance a cohesive, inclusive, and caring society such that charitable organisations with different serving arms and groups can be supported


A maximum of 10 charitable organisations will be selected with these entitlements:

  • A certain number of quotas of Marathon, Half Marathon and / or 10km (non-challenge races)
  • Benefit from the exposure in the event official channels such as website, official event app and social media
  • Have the opportunity to conduct community engagement activities in SCHKM during pre-race carnival
  • Additional special bib cloth will be given to runners applying through the Programme

Eligibility of Applicants

The Programme welcomes applications from charitable organisations which must be a non-governmental charitable organisation with Section 88 exemption, under one of the three service categories of “Children & Youth”, “Rehabilitation & Health Care” and “Diversity & Inclusion”.

Children & Youth
Charitable organisations which aim to help children and youth to face challenges and difficulties in their personal growth and / or changing environment and circumstances.

Rehabilitation & Health Care
Charitable organisations which aim to assist patients and their families with emotional or daily living problems arising from illness, trauma or disabilities; to enable patients to make the best use of the medical / rehabilitation services in medical institutions and the community; to contribute to the total rehabilitation (physical, medical and social) of patients, and their reintegration into society; and to strive for the promotion of health awareness for patients, their families and the community.

Diversity & Inclusion
Charitable organisations which aim to assist the minorities groups to integrate into the society; to help minorities gain basic rights and more equal treatment and opportunities; to train and assist special educational needs students; to help and encourage the active participation of people with disabilities in the society; foster public understanding of people of different abilities and ethnic cultures and eliminate discrimination and misunderstanding.

Relevant Documents

Application Form (Word)
Application Form (PDF)
Fact Sheet
Programme Guidelines


Phone: 2177 2600
Email: [email protected]

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