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Virtual Run FAQs

Virtual Run Information

What is the “Virtual Run”?

The Virtual Run allows more runners to join this annual distance running event under the pandemic, and it is open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. Runners can complete the Virtual Run (including Marathon, Half Marathon and 10KM races) between 25 October and 14 November 2021, Hong Kong time ( i.e. GMT +8). Runners can run the designated distances in the categories they have signed up anywhere they wish, and simply record their running process using the official app. Participants will receive an e-certificate, a medal and a commemorative T-shirt after verification of their running records.

Where is the Start and Finish of the Virtual Run?

Runners can complete the designated distances by carrying their smartphone with official app installed anywhere they wish during the designated period.

What are the start times of different races of the Virtual Run?

Runners can run the distances they have signed up for anytime within the Virtual Run Period from 25 October to 14 November 2021, Hong Kong time ( i.e. GMT +8).

Do I have to finish the Virtual Run distance that I signed up for in one go?

No. Runners can complete the race distance within 24 hours after they start their trial and can pause in the middle. Runners are required to use the official app to record until the designated distance is completed and submit their record.

How many running records can I submit?

The official app allows runner to record up to 5 running trials. Runners can only submit the best running record to the Organiser.


If I have a place in the physical SCHKM 2021 race, can I also register for the Virtual Run?


Can I register more than once for the Virtual Run?

Each email address can only be used once in registration.

Is SCHKM2020 Guaranteed Entry applicable to the Virtual Run?

Not applicable.

Are there any age limits or entry requirement for the Virtual Run?

Participants must be aged 16 or above as of 2021 (Count by YOB)

How to define local and overseas participants in the Virtual Run?

a) Local Participant: Those whose mailing address is in Hong Kong.
b) Overseas Participant: Those whose mailing address is outside Hong Kong.

How much is the Entry Fee for Virtual Run?

The entry fees of each race category are listed below:

Race Category Local Participants Overseas participants
10km HK$180 US$30
Half Marathon HK$200 US$32.5
Marathon HK$225 US$35

What does the entry fee of the Virtual Run include?

Entry fee includes a commemorative T-shirt, a medal, an e-certificate and related postage.

What are the available payment methods for the registration of the Virtual Run?

Participants may make the online payment with the following methods:
• Master Card
• Visa Card
• Unionpay
• Alipay

How can I confirm that my registration for the Virtual Run is successful?

After the online registration, participants will receive a registration confirmation via email.

When and where can I download the official app for the Virtual Run?

The official app will be available for download in October on our official website www.hkmarathon.com.

Finisher pack Information

I do not know which tee size fits me. What can I do?

T-Shirt Size Chart

When will I receive my finisher pack?

The Organiser will send out commemorative T-shirts and medals by post in 4 -6 weeks after the Event Period (Overseas post may be delayed).

Will my submitted running record be rejected?

The Organiser reserves the rights to remove ingenuine records and disqualify the participants from attaining any rewards without prior notice.

Official App

Where can I get the activation code for the first-time login to the official app?

After the registration period, an activation code will be sent to participants via email for the first-time login to the set account in the official App. The code can only be used once.

Can I break up the distance with multiple runs?

Each participant has 5 attempts. Each attempt must be completed within 24 hours. Participant can break the distance up with multiple runs within the time limit.

Will the official app be able to track me if I run on a treadmill or run indoor?

No. The official app incorporates GPS tracking feature to record your running distance, pace and route.

Can I sync my running record to the official app from other running apps, smart watch or treadmill?


Will the official app be able to track me while I am not using the official app?


If I pause the tracking and quit the official app, will my running record be kept in the official app?


What is the difference between active time and elapsed time?

Active Time – Includes only the time you were moving.
Elapsed Time – Total time includes Active Time and Pause Time.

What device can I use to download the official app?

A smartphone can be used to download the official app for tracking the duration and distance of your run.
The system requirement for installing the official app is:
– Android 7 or above
– iOS 11.0 or above

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