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Health and Safety Tips

1. Plan your route and start time in advance

  • Select the location you will be running and mark your course in advance
  • Choose a safe and familiar route with good lighting and well-maintained surfaces
  • Avoid traffic congestion
  • Try to avoid uphills or downhills for the first 1-2 km of your run
  • Ensure your route offers access to appropriate locations for a toilet break and replenishment

2. Share your plan – let someone know you are doing great things

  • Tell someone where and when you are going for a run. Notify someone when you start and finish the run

3. Prepare your gear for the run

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Be visible and dress for the weather
  • Have an ID card with you at all times in case of emergency
  • Bring fluid and nutrition if you’re planning a longer route
  • Charge up your phone and carry it or otherwise your running record will not be recorded
  • Headphones are not recommended. Stay vigilance to your surroundings to lower any potential risks while running

4. Remember to put your health and safety first

  • Check the weather for the time you plan on running
  • Follow the anti-pandemic guidelines and instructions given by the Local Authorities
  • Adhere to social distancing practices
  • Do not forget to warm up before and to cool down afterwards
  • Use common sense and listen to your body — if you’re not feeling well, don’t do it

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