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Green Marathon

Let’s Run a Green Marathon
We care about the impact that the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon has on our environment, and have initiated a number of measures to work towards a much greener Marathon, including:

  • Runners are encouraged to read the electronic Event Handbook available on the internet, to avoid printing and save papers;
  • Runners pack bags are made of bio-degradable materials and are reused to store runners’ belongings during the race;
  • Recycling bins will also be set up at designated points at the start and finish areas and at each water station on race day;
  • A zero carbon emissions electric car will be used as the lead car to guide runners along the route

Bottle-shaped recycle bins and food waste collection bins with banana-shaped balloons attached will be set up at baggage collection area and the meeting point at the finish area on race day. Please deposit the emptied plastic bottles and banana peels in the recycling bins accordingly. Participants and spectators are encouraged to use public transport to show your support for a Green Marathon.

Always remember the principles of “Reduce”, “Reuse” and “Recycle”.
To create a more environmentally-friendly race, the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon is calling on all participants and the public to avoid driving on Marathon Day and give their cars a day off! To travel to and from the Marathon, let’s all use Hong Kong’s great public transport system, run, walk, or ride a bike and contribute to a greener race!

Be a Green Runner
Want to do your part for the environment?  Here are some other simple tips on how to be a green runner:

Before race day…
Green Step #1 – Find the latest race information online, and to save trees, avoid printing the information.

Green Step #2  – Kudos to you for making a long term commitment to your fitness as you train for the Marathon.  Here are some easy ways to make your training greener:

  • Pick training venues either close to home or your workplace so that you can walk or ride a bike to the location.  If that’s not possible, then take public transport or carpool.
  • Get in touch with nature by running outdoors instead of using a treadmill or other exercise machines which consume electricity.
  • Power up with sustainable foods.   Make your own healthy meals from locally-grown fruits and vegetables and avoid pre-packaged or junk foods which may be high in calories and low in nutrition.  Eat less meat, which requires significantly more fuel and water to produce than other sources of protein.
  • Think before you buy, and purchase new running gear and workout clothes only when it is necessary.  Invest in products made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton or organic wool.  The latest trends are products made with bamboo, recycled materials, and biopolymer.
  • Use reusable bottles instead of throwaway plastic water bottles.
  • Use rechargeable batteries for your electronic devices such as MP3s.

On race day…
Green Step #3 –  When travelling to or from the Marathon, don’t drive. Where possible, take public transport, particularly when special arrangements have been made for the Marathon. Otherwise, walk, run, or ride a bike.

Green Step #4 – Eat a healthy breakfast made from locally-grown fresh food.

Green Step #5 – Instead of bringing single-use bottled water, either:

  • Make use of the water stations along the Marathon route.  Paper cups made of recyclable materials will be offered, and will be collected for recycling afterwards.
  • Bring your own water in a reusable bottle.

Green Step #6 – Minimise waste.  Avoid disposable items such as tissue paper, and if you do have recyclable items, drop them in the recycling bins provided at the start and finish areas.

Green Step #7 – After the race, take a shower instead of a bath.  Water is one of our most precious natural resources, and you can use less of it by taking a quick shower (3-4 minute) and using a water-efficient shower head at home.

Be a Green Donor
Green Step #8–  Make an online donation (instead of a paper one) to support the Marathon’s designated charitable causes.

Air Quality Health Index (AQHI)
The AQHI will be broadcasted live to all participants on race day. Click here for more information on the Index.

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