About the Organiser

Our Objectives

  • To promote the sport of athletics in Hong Kong, including track & field, road races, cross-country and race walking
  • To establish and provide a development spectrum for athletes from the grass root leading to elite level
  • To select athletes in the sport to represent Hong Kong in Olympic Games, Asian Games and World, Asian and Regional Championships, as well as overseas international competitions
  • To establish and provide systematic training to a national squad of athletes, at both junior and senior levels
  • To establish systematic structure and trainings for coaches, judges and officials
  • To organize domestic and international competitions
  • To support and coordinate athletic activities among member clubs

Our Vision

The Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association to be one of the best National Sports Associations in Hong Kong.

Our Mission

To promote athletics in Hong Kong, including the development of athletes, coaches, technical officials and professional staff, so as to enhance the athletic performance as well as a healthy image, making Athletics one of the most popular sports in Hong Kong.

Marathon Registration and Customer Service Office
(852) 2577 0800
General Inquiry : hkmarathon@hkaaa.com
Registration and participant’s
Information entry : hkmarathon@hkaaa.com

Ogilvy Public Relations (Media enquiries)

(852) 2136 6185

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