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Training Tips

Winter Training – Adapt to Raceday Weather

Mr. Lai Hok Yan - Hong Kong Marathon Team Representative

Keeping track of the daily weather is very necessary if you want to prepare well for similar race and temperature condition on race day. Similar to the current temperature, the month of February is similar to winter training in Hong Kong is usually around 16-22°C. Training in this temperature helps your body get used to the race day conditions. Paying attention to the temperature and the weather forecast can help you determine what to wear in your daily training but most importantly on race day as well; with that in mind set your training schedule accordingly. If you find the atmosphere too cold to train, run with friends with similar pacing to boost your motivation.

As your bones and muscles are generally tighter during the winter time, it is important to warm up and stretch before and after your training session. Incorporating both warming up and stretching is essential to having a good workout; runners should stretch and start jogging for 8-10 minutes before getting into their training run. During training, runners should not forget to drink water as it is important to keeping up stamina during long distances. Runners should not rush to drink all in one time but around every 15-20 minutes or 5-6km since drinking all at once can deteriorate performance when water is needed later on.

The body doesn’t trap heat easily during the cooler weather therefore it is important to keep your body warm during the training. Consider wearing a thin layer on top of your singlet or shirt, either way it is better to prepare a jacket as well. Wearing more layers and stretching indoors could reduce the chance of getting cold post training.