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Training Tips

Which brand has the best running shoes? Which brand of running shoes is the best?

Expert:  Dr. Lobo Louie, Associate Professor of Department of Physical Education, the Hong Kong Baptist University

Key Points:

  • No one particular brand would fit all runners.
  • When you choose your running shoes, you should note the followings:
  1. The heel support should be thick enough (not less than 2cm) to absorb the shock from ground contact during running.
  2. Date your shoes when you buy them. Generally, running shoes wear out after 500 to 800 km of running, which may be about 6-9 months for runners with regular training. 
  3. Shop for new running shoes during evening or night time. Feet swell during the day and they also swell during a run. Trying on running shoes when your feet are at their largest is going to give you the most comfortable fit.
  4. The shoes should have good ventilation.
  5. Note if the flexibility of the outsoles fit your feet. The outsoles of shoes for small feet should not be too hard.
  • If you wear barefoot running shoes, make sure you use proper barefoot running style.