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Training Tips

Tactics for the Half Marathon in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

Expert: Miss Yiu Kit Ching – Winner of Women Half Marathon Challenge of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2011 & 2012

The starting point of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon half marathon race is located at Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 

You can run a bit faster than planned in the first 2km of the race as it is flat. 

Onwards to 3km, you will start going up to the flyover. Be reminded to keep your pace and energy and do not rush while running uphill. In my experience, it would be more windy on the top of the flyover. You may run in the group which has a similar pace with you in order to reduce wind resistance. 

There is a turning point at 8-9km of the route while you can run with the wind behind you. It will help you to catch up the time which is lost due to the drag coefficient (wind against you) while running on the flyover.

You will enter the Western Harbour Tunnel at around 13km. You may speed up a bit if you still feel quite easy. Otherwise, you should save your energy for the part after 15km when you go up and down the flyover where the wind is very strong.

You can gradually accelerate while entering Wanchai after a short tunnel, which is just 3-4 km away from the finish point, but you have to beware of a 100 meters steep slope before getting to Causeway Bay market. Don’t rush! 

In the last 1km, you can accelerate after the downhill slope, but please mind those tight turning points as they may be tough for runners. The last 200 meters will be a straight road to the finish line, so go for it with your fastest speed! 

Good luck to you all!