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Training Tips

Should we drink sports drinks for recovery every time after training? How much should we drink?

Expert:  Dr. Lobo Louie, Associate Professor of Department of Physical Education, the Hong Kong Baptist University

Key Points:

  • Ways to observe state of body fluid: Weigh yourself before and after training. If the difference is not more than 2% of your weight, dehydration is not severe and should not affect your health much. Degree of fluid loss may also be affected by weather and training intensity.
  • An adult should urinate approximately 250mL of urine (in light yellow colour) in every 4-5 hours. It can be used as a simple indicator of whether your body are dehydrated. You can try to intake different quantity of water and train in different intensity and observe if you drain normally. 
  • Energy drinks are not the same as sports drink. Sports drinks can help improve endurance and delay muscle fatigue while there is no scientific evidence showing that energy drink would bring the same benefits.