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Training Tips

How to choose the appropriate running gear for the race?

Marathon Expert: Dr Simon Yeung - Associate Professor of Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Race day preparation checklist           

ü    Prepare your gear the night before - The start time of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon is quite early, so get organized early.

ü    In the morning check your gear a final time and the weather forecast too!

ü    Check whether you have pinned your bib and time chip to your running shirt.

ü    Have you brought your water, sports drinks and energy supplement packages for marathon?

ü    It is suggested that runners apply Vaseline on the surface of body parts that could be rubbed during your run causing blisters or soreness e.g. heels, toes, chest and inside your thighs. Avoid wearing new running shoes and new sports gears on race day.

ü    Check the inside of your running shoes to see if there are any grains of sand or stones. Choosing running gear is also dependent on weather condition on race day so a different running gear may be needed for certain running conditions; The most commonly used gears are running shirts, shirts and socks and shoes. Shirts made out of polyester or synthetic materials remain more suitable since they are light, can dry quickly and allow fast heat loss.

ü    Make sure you do not choose running shorts that could hinder the movement of your legs.

ü    Running socks are an important gear to avoid the development of blisters on your feet thus they be light and seamless, fit the shape of your feet, sweat-relieving and shock-absorbing at appropriate spots.

ü    Do not wear old socks with bits of yarn or a bur pilling during the race as these old socks may hurt your feet due to intense friction.

ü    It is important for runners to keep their body warm before and during the race since muscle flexibility decreases with temperature, otherwise it may affect the running performance and increase the chances of getting hurt.

ü    If the weather is cold, runners should prepare extra clothes, hat and gloves to keep warm;

ü    If the weather is hot, runners may need a visor or sunglasses. A sunscreen visor can absorb sweat and block UV lights. It should be made out of light and quick-drying material.
Sunglasses should also be light and able to block UV lights; polarised lens are more preferable as it will reduce flare.