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Training Tips

Five Pointers for Marathon Runners

Miss Alison Chow - Hong Kong Marathon Team Representative

Counting down to the last 3 weeks before race day, marathon runners should have finished their last  practice 35-38 km long distance race. Upon completion of the practice race, you may easily predict your own speed level and physical condition. In the coming two to three weeks, runners should reduce their training intensity gradually. The purpose for this is to keep up the best condition for race day. Try to run with friends and stay relaxed to get comfortable before the race.

Five pointers you need to know:

1. Importance of light and convenient clothing

Running for a marathon is a high intensity and long durational sport. The heavier you load the more energy you consume therefore the longer your race time is likely to be. For example, the weight of a pair of sports sunglasses could add an extra minute to your finishing time. Pay attention to the weather on race day, decide on the appropriate running gear and avoid unnecessary accessories.

2. Trim your toenails

Remember to trim your toenails a few days before the race. Running creates friction between your toes and running shoes. If your toenails are too long, you might bleed while on the other hand if your toenails are too short, pain may occur due to the pressure; all these conditions will affect your performance.

3. Impact of humidity

The temperature and humidity will add variables to a runners’ race planning. If the relative humidity exceeds 70%, runners should plan to a more reserved target time and add an extra 5 to 10 seconds to average target pace.

4. Visit the washroom before the race

It could take 3 to 5 hours to finish a marathon. Since runners can sweat heavily during the race, they are still advised to visit the washroom before the race starts. This would save time in the race and lessen the psychological pressure of seeking for toilets.

5. Run in an inside of the bands on the race route

Finishing a 42.195-km run is a huge challenge to your physical capability. Any extra step will cause a burden to runners, and any step saved will benefit. A good tip is run in an inside of the bands on the race route to minimize energy consumption.