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Training Tips

Exercise Intensity & Heart Rate Recovery

Expert:  Dr. Lobo Louie, Associate Professor of Department of Physical Education, the Hong Kong Baptist University

Key Points:

  • Train with different Exercise Intensity according to your training plan.
  • Exercise Intensity can be estimated by calculating your heart rate during exercise: Exercise Intensity = Exercise Heart Rate/(Maximum Heart Rate = 220 – age) 
  • Recovery heart rate is the heart rate measured at a fixed (or reference) period after ceasing activity, typically measured over a one minute period. A greater reduction in heart rate after exercise during the reference period indicates a better-conditioned heart. Heart rate should slow down by 30-50 beats in the 
  • 1st minute after exercise and by 15-25 beats in the 2nd minute. Runners should conduct medical advice if the Recovery Heart Rate drops differently from the normal range.