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Training Tips

Beware of your body temperature while running

Expert: Dr. Gary Mak - Specialist in cardiology and President of the Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science

Key Points:

  • Marathon is a high intensity exercise and may generate 15 times more heat than normal. 
  • During running, our body temperature will also be affected by various environmental factors such as air temperature, sunlight, humidity and degree of wind. 
  • If we run under a hot and humid weather for a prolonged period of time, it may cause to overheating which may harm our body on different levels:
  1. Mild level: lead to heat oedema or heat cramp which can be treated with physiotherapy
  2. Medium level: lead to heat exhaustion. Sufferer’s face and ears will turn red and feel hot, sweat a lot, with body temperature rising to 38°C to 40°C, feel irritated, speak absent-mindedly or in severe cases fall unconscious or into a coma
  3. Severe level: lead to heat stroke. Body temperature will reach 40°C and above. Sufferer will not have much sweat as the body cannot function to disperse heat. It will quickly lead to coma or even death. The death rate of heat stroke is 70% and sufferer should be sent to hospital immediately
  • Prevention:
  1. Put on light and air permeable sportswear and avoid pure cotton sportswear. 
  2. Replenish with sufficient amount of water regularly and throughout your run
  • If you have signs of cramp, dizziness or abnormally high body temperature, you should take a rest and must not force yourself to continue.