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Training Tips

Autumn Training Tips

Miss Alison Chow - Hong Kong Marathon Team Representative

The most suitable season for running in Hong Kong is definitely the autumn season. It is dry and cool which can help you run longer and faster. Even though breezy and cool, Hong Kong’s autumn season is not very cold making it not necessary to wearing long pants or sleeves. Runners can still use the same running apparel and gear that would normally be used in the summer. When the temperature drops to 15 degrees, then you can start wearing running tights.

Suggested Routes for Long Distance Running:

If runners are preparing for the Half Marathon or Marathon (42.195km), November is the time to start your weekly long distance training; 30 kilometers is considered long distance training. The Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon route has a mix of flat surfaces and some up and down inclinations. Runners should consider different types of routes for the race.

However, to avoid injury we do not suggest focusing all practices on hill training.

Here are some suggested routes that have a mix of flat surfaces with some up and down hills:

  1. Sha Tin to Tai Po: The road is comprised of flat road surfaces runners should beware of those who are cycling along the track. The training distance in this route can be up to or around 30km or even slightly more.
  2. Bowen Road: Hong Kong Island having lots of mountainous roads provides lots of choices for hill running. Bowen Road would be a great choice for long distance training. Starting from Wan Chai, Central or Happy Valley, Bowen Road is just about 15 minutes away from downtown. The length of Bowen Road is approximately 4km with steep slopes and flat surfaces as well, making it suitable for different types of runners.
  3. Inspiration Lake: If you want to practice on the weekend away from the bustling city, Disney Land offers the Disney route and the Inspiration Lake route. A route with flat surfaces, you can choose to run for 30km or more depending on your ability. Being less populous and filled with beautiful sceneries, consider running with a friend or running partner as it would be an enjoyable experience.
If you feel cold after exercising then immediately take a warm shower or put on dry clothes to increase body temperature before proceeding to post-workout stretching.