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Training Tips

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Ways to recover after the race
How to choose the appropriate running gear for the race?
How to Deal with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) when running a race
Five Pointers for Marathon Runners
Speed Distribution
One Month Countdown to Race Day
Mental Race Planning
Manage Holiday Eating
How to eliminate side stitches
Wheelchair Training Guide
Diet Guide for Vegetarian Runners
Sleep quality should be highly considered to improve performance
Winter Training – Adapt to Raceday Weather
All-rounded training to enhance your body condition
Autumn Training Tips
Tips on Hill Training
Preparing for a Marathon: Cross Training Reduces Injury Risk
Diet and Nutrition during Long Run Training
Speedy Recovery after a Long Run
Choosing training methods strategically
No RUSH but have to be QUICK
How does exercise benefit our health?
How diet helps recovery after the race
Tactics for the Half Marathon in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon
Which brand has the best running shoes? Which brand of running shoes is the best?
Do NOT Stop Abruptly after Race - High Risk of Arrhythmia and Vasovagal Syncope
Should we drink sports drinks for recovery every time after training? How much should we drink?
Breathing tempo
Training Motivation
Exercise Intensity and Interval Training
How to choose your category?
Pre-participation Self-Assessment
Key to success - Progressive Training
Run within your Aerobic Zone - Protect Heart from Excessive Stress
Exercise Intensity & Heart Rate Recovery
Diet during marathon training period
Prevention of Water Intoxication
Carbohydrate Intake before Race
Analysis on the 10km race route
Beware of your body temperature while running
Wheelchair for Racing – Racer
Basic skill to improve your running form
The proper way to run
Core muscle training to strengthen running stability
Prevent friction while running
My good friend – ICE