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Program Objective:

This annual Marathon Clinic aims to provide participants the comprehensive training guidelines and principles for the Standard Chartered Marathon 2018.
Program Characteristics:
  • It includes introductory class, pre-training comprehensive physical fitness assessment, train together sessions, and injury prevention workshop
  • Specific test runs will be provided to all participants. Participants will form the “Marathon Clinic Team” to join The Hong Kong 10K Challenge (For 10k class participants), Hong Kong 15km Challenge (For Half Marathon class participants ), and Hong Kong Half Marathon Championships (For Marathon class participants) and Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon
  • A tailor-made training program – Instructor will design individual training program to every participants based on the participant’s fitness level and running experience (The training program is a mobile apps and online training log system that required participants log onto the system to submit their training schedule. Instructor will monitor the progress of the participants and provide timely advice at regular interval.)
  • Injury prevention workshop that includes selection of running shoes, theory and practice of sports taping (Kinesio Tex Tape) in common running related lower limbs injuries
  • Water station will set up to allow participants to trial out the fluid replenishment during long running session
  • A souvenir T-shirt will be given to each participant while “Marathon Clinic Team” representatives can even get a souvenir vest
  • A certificate will be given to 100% attendance rate (test run included)
  • Opportunities to represent “Marathon clinic Team” to run in the 2018 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon# #


The aim of the Marathon Clinic is to promote healthy running in the community. One of the key issues of healthy running is steady progression and regular training. To encourage participants adhering to this approach, participants who have regularly attending the marathon clinic classes with an attendance rate of not less than 75%, and fulfill one of the following criteria, will be nominated to represent “Marathon Clinic Team” to run the 2018 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon:
  1. Participants who are the first time participants of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 10KM race; or
  2. Participants who progress from 2017 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 10km race to 2018 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon Half Marathon race; or
  3. Participants who progress from 2017 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon Half Marathon race to 2018 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon Full Marathon race; or
  4. Participants who cannot complete 2017 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon in 10k, Half Marathon or Marathon in the specific time limit and want to have another attempt this year.

Remarks: Each participant must run in the same race as per the respective marathon clinic class that he/she has joined.

Course Quota and Entry Fee: 10KM Class $640* – 150pax (Include the entry fee of Hong Kong 10KM Challenge)
Half Marathon $640* – 150pax (Include the entry fee of Hong Kong 15Km Challenge)(FULL)
Marathon Class $740* – 100pax (Include the entry fee of Hong Kong Half Marathon Challenge) (FULL)
(*Entry fee does not include 2018 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon's entry fee)


Dr Simon Yeung,
Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association Registered Coach
Main Language: Cantonese
Age: 16 or above for 10KM & Half Marathon Classes
20 or above for Marathon Class
Enrollment Date: 3 August 2017 (Thursday)
Enrollment Deadline: 25 August 2017 (Friday) (First-come, first-served)
Enrollment Method:


  1. Please fill-in the entry form and kindly return the completed form with a separate crossed cheque to: HKAAA, 24/F., Guangdong Tours Centre, 18 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (*Please state ‘Marathon Clinic’ on the envelop*)
  2. Successful applicants will be informed via email. If you do not receive an ‘Acceptance Letter’ by 1 September 2017 (Tuesday), please call 2177 3081 for assistance.
Dress code: Comfortable sportswear
Important Notice:
  1. Weather – if Red/Black Rainstorm or Typhoon Signal No.8 is hoisted at 6:00am (for Morning Session), 11:00am (for Afternoon Session) or 2:00pm (for Evening Session), the clinic on that day will be cancelled. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  2. Please reserve time to register and change the sportswear.
  3. Please bring along student card for registration and arrive 10 minutes before the lesson.
  4. While organizer will purchase the third party insurance schemes, participants are expected to be responsible for their individual insurances.
Enrollment Form: Click here
Class Content: 10KM Class
Half Marathon Class (FULL)
Marathon Class (FULL)

Please call 2177 3081 or email to maraclinic@hkaaa.com