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Message from the Chairman

Chairman of Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association

Mr Kwan Kee


Kwan Kee

It is the 21st anniversary for “Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon”. With the support of Hong Kong citizens, our race is developing rapidly. “Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon” is no longer only one of the Hong Kong mega sports event as well as an event fulfilled with different elements of socializing the community. Throughout the campaign, we widely promote the advantages in doing sports and encourage citizens to get involved. Besides, we are committed in serving the community and supporting the three charitable institutions. The race also promotes the integration of general public and physically disabled by involving participants with different needs. In educational aspects, “Youth Dash” were held in the past two years to spread and promote the marathon spirits to more primary and secondary schools, providing an opportunity for our students get involved in the Hong Kong’s largest participatory sport event. Also, there are different kinds of overseas promotion activities in order to attract more tourist to engaged with this international event. We will make good use of the event and bring more positive energy to the community.

In recent years, we encourage runners to upgrade themselves through systematic training program in order to finish a longer distance. Since the overall runners’ level has been raising, we have slightly adjusted the quota in the Marathon race. Hopefully, more runners can challenge their limit in the 42.195km. At the same time, the level of local distance running athletes has been raising these years. One of our Hong Kong Athletic Team representative can also achieve the standard of the Rio Olympic Marathon race.

There are new attempts in our new milestones. One of them is to replace the first-come-first-served enrollment to balloting entries while the priority entry for elites modified. The new measure can provide more opportunities for overseas runners and at the same time our local elites can also secure the place to join the race.

On behalf of the association, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited, our title sponsor, in supporting this Hong Kong mega sports event. Also, we appreciate all sponsors, government departments and supporting organizations for their support. We wish all of you can be part of us to participate in the “Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon” and see you on 12 February 2017!